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Please refer to the size chart stated on this site; or if you are a S size for your clothing size, please take a S size for the shapewear. Fits true to size for comfort and compression.

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Shapewear Faqs

The hole is a 'hygienic opening' for you to go to the toilet without pull up and down the high waisted shapewear. Open it with your two hands from the front and back to make the hole bigger

Functional lingerie should be worn in the right size, never smaller. Smaller sizes will cause the remaining body tissue to go somewhere else, creating undesired volumes and bulges that will certainly compromise the outfit.

Plié’s lingerie is made with state-of- the-art technology for shaping strategic spots, thus reducing up to one waist and hip size. Some of our shapewear may provide a waist reduction of 1 to 3 inches while wearing them.

Any woman, regardless of her size, who wants to wear tight clothes or thinner fabrics will have a much better result when wearing a no-show lingerie that will shape her curves and, above all, assure her that everything is in the right place.

Yes. High waisted shapewear gives you support to your lower back. It corrects your posture while you are standing or sitting down. That way, it helps to relieve your back pain. We suggest you look for Emana High Waist Shorts.

No underwear has such an ability. You will be able to lose weight with a healthy diet, physical activities and aesthetic treatments, among others. However, SHAPEWEAR do shape your body by defining your curves, enhancing your strengths and smoothing your flaws. Plus the compression can helps to hold your hunger or make you feel full after small eating portion.

Bodysuits, as well as mid-thighs and mid-thighs bodysuits, provide a more even contouring, thus concealing skin imperfections. On the word hand, high-waisted or double-layered panties will keep your tummy super flat and comfortable. The Emana® Control line also activates micro-circulation and conceals cellulite signs. 

IT DEPENDS Shapewear will only roll down if it is in the wrong size. Our pieces have silicon bands in the Control and Control Emana® lines or satin straps to attach the bra, in the Shape & Shine line.

1. Your shapewear may roll up or down because it's too small and therefore too tight on your body. Please check if the size correct for you. Choose your size, Never Smaller.
2. For Double Layer Plie products, you need to wash it first to make the fabric more flexible if it roll down in the first use.
3. Make sure you wear the high waist product high enough that almost touch your bra.

Emana High Waist Shorts offers Moderate Compression. Very comfortable. Emana is smart patented fabric which absorbs your body heat, returning it to your skin in a form of far infrared rays. Promotes your blood circulations and metabolism - as well as reduces cellulite and stretch mark appearance. All day compression in all the right places.

Control Medium High Waist Shorts offers Firm compression, cover more thigh and flatten your tummy a bit more than Emana above. The shorts length is longer than Emana, Medium shorts length is above the knee, suitable for taller people.

Yes. The compression from Plie Shapewear will help to relieve the period pain and also improve blood circulation.

Easy Access And Hygiene With A Overlapping Fabric Opening

Many of our Plie Shapewear products feature a 'Hygienic Opening' located at the bottom of the shorts. This feature allows you to use the restroom without having to pull the high-waisted shapewear up and down. The opening can be easily accessed from the front or back with two hands.

Maternity Faqs

No. Our maternity wear is specifically designed to grow with you and your baby as your pregnancy progresses. There is pocket in tummy area that can go bigger following the growth of the baby.

Yes. Wearing light graduated maternity wear is safe throughout your entire pregnancy. The flexible and soft fabric supports your growing belly without confining it.

Yes. Our most loved maternity high waist leggings and shorts give gradual support around the belly, to help support the weight of your growing baby, prevent lower back pain and pelvic joint pain, as well as improve your posture.

Our maternity leggings and medium length shorts help to avoid friction between the legs and put compression on the legs to stimulate the blood flow, up from the leg towards the hearts. This will help to prevent or minimise varicose veins formation.

Shipping And Return Faq

We utilise various courier companies to ship directly to your door.  A tracking number will be provided as soon as your order is dispatched.

Courier times vary between 1 and 4 days.

No , we don’t allow any pick ups.

Yes. If you change your mind, simply return your Plie product unused, tags on, and in the original packaging within 7 days of purchase to receive a store credit.

This applies to full-priced purchases only and the return courier fees will be at your expense. Your store credit is valid for 1 years from the date of issue.

Certain items such as underwear , no returns will be allowed for hygiene purposes.

Please send us an email to for the next steps.

If your order has not yet been dispatched, we can cancel your order and issue a gift card for the full order amount.

If our warehouse has already fulfilled your order. We are unable to cancel those orders that have been fulfilled and dispatched.

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