Fitness Collection

Discover the ultimate activewear that will capture your heart! Our advanced compression fabrics provide unbeatable support, comfort, and a flattering fit that empowers you to give your best performance every day.

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Superior Fit , Squat Proof , Supportive , And Ultra Comfortable

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Pliē Fitness Collection Benefits

  • Experience complete comfort as you move
  • The breathable fabric enhances your performance during exercise
  • Feel secure and supported with a cozy fit
  • Stay in place and avoid any jiggling during activity
High Performance

Plie Fitness is made of Supplex® fabric, which offers a firm-hold performance for support and enhances the shape of the wearer. The fabric provides a comfortable fit and maintains its form and color even after several wears. Our admiration for SUPPLEX® lies in its exceptional compression, long-lasting durability, and adaptability. It's a resilient material that can withstand scraping against rough surfaces, resist getting soaked in the rain, and avoid fading due to prolonged sun exposure.