Control Collection

This has different points of compression to adhere to the feminine contours. It shapes up without tightening, corrects small imperfection and localized fat. Microfiber and spandex ensures total comfort as well as the exclusive hydrophillic treatment that keeps the body dry. The piece does not roll down.

Maternity Collection

This is designed for maximum comfort and safety for woman to use before, during and after having baby. They give support to accompany your growing belly and breasts during this special moments with extreme comfort. Our most loved maternity high waist panties and shorts give gradual support around the belly, to help support the weight of your growing baby, prevent lower back pain and pelvic joint pain, as well as improve your posture.

Make Up Skin Collection

This is the revolutionary line that brings the power of makeup to your lingerie. The extra fine fabric, with a soft touch and velvety shine, guarantees the enhancement of the contours with very light compression, shaping the body with absolute comfort. 

Active Wear Collection

This is powered by SUPPLEX® and SENSIL® Innergy technology that guarantee total comfort, high breathability and improve performance. Sensil® Innergy fabrics improve blood circulation and boost performance, reducing muscle fatigue and enhancing well-being. 
Perfect for running, spinning, yoga, hiking and more!

Daily Shapewear

Our solution for daily comfort and confidence lies in the foundation of achieving the perfect look.


Extra Firm Compression Shapewear

Our product features a dual layer of Plié support, providing additional firm control, support, and sculpting.

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Maternity Wear

Our product offers a safe and supportive solution for the physical changes your body goes through during and after pregnancy. Consider it an added flexible boost to your confidence.

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