Frequently Asked Questions


What size should I take?

Please refer to the size chart stated on this site; or if you are a S size for your clothing size, please take a S size for the shapewear. Fits true to size for comfort and compression.


How does the discount coupon work?

Discount coupon is a promotional tool, which is activated only when the site offers a specific promotion.


Is it possible to add product or change delivery address, size, model and color after the order is closed?

No. After the order is closed, these changes cannot be made.


Is plieafrica.com safe?

Yes, it is safe, the site guarantees the protection of its users and has the SSL Digital Certificate of Advanced Validation. The Site Shield certificate also guarantees the user that their information and transactions will be encrypted, stored and protected at the time of purchase.

How soon will I receive my order?

The delivery period will be according to the availability of the product purchased and usually will be within 3-4 business days.